How to Scribble on a Photo on Iphone

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By Kyle Wiggers

How to Scribble on a Photo on Iphone

To scribble on a photo on iPhone, use the Markup tool in the Photos app. Open the photo, tap Edit, select the Markup tool, then use the pen or pencil to scribble on the photo.

Using your iPhone to add a personal touch to your photos can enhance your creativity and storytelling. With the Markup tool in the Photos app, you can easily scribble, draw, or add text to your images. Whether you want to highlight a specific detail, add a caption, or simply express your artistic flair, this feature allows you to customize your photos directly on your iPhone.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to scribbling on a photo using Markup, so you can take your photo editing skills to the next level.

Selecting The Right App

Looking for a way to scribble on photos on your iPhone? Selecting the right app is crucial. You need to choose the best app that suits your needs. One way to narrow down your options is by comparing the features of different apps.

Consider what features are important to you. Do you need basic drawing tools, or do you want more advanced options such as layers and filters? Think about how user-friendly the app is, as well as its compatibility with your iPhone model.

Pay attention to reviews and ratings from other users. This can give you an idea of the app’s performance and reliability. Look for an app that has regular updates and good customer support.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find the perfect app to scribble on photos and unleash your creativity on your iPhone. Happy scribbling!

How to Scribble on a Photo on Iphone


Setting Up Your Tools

Learn how to easily scribble on your photos on iPhone with this step-by-step guide. Discover the tools you need to add fun and creative touches to your images in just a few simple taps.

Installing the Scribbling App: Go to the App Store and search for the app.
Customizing the Tools: Open the app and explore the settings to personalize your scribbling tools.

Understanding Layers And Opacity

Enhance your iPhone photos by mastering layers and opacity for scribbling creatively. Easily add personal touches with intuitive techniques for overlaying elements with precision. Elevate your photo editing skills with these simple yet impactful tools.

Understanding Layers and Opacity
Exploring Layer Functionality
Adjusting Opacity Levels
Adjusting opacity on iPhone allows you to blend images seamlessly. Layers make it easy to organize elements. Experiment with different opacities for unique effects. Explore various layer functionalities for creative freedom. Understanding opacity levels helps in enhancing photos. Be creative with layering options to achieve desired results. Practice adjusting opacity to master the technique.
How to Scribble on a Photo on Iphone


Getting Creative With Scribbling

With the iPhone’s photo editing tools, you can easily add a touch of creativity to your pictures. One way to do this is by scribbling on your photos, which allows you to add doodles and text in different colors. To get started, open the photo you want to edit and tap on the Edit button. Next, select the Markup tool, which looks like a pen tip inside a circle. From here, you can choose different colors and sizes for your scribbles. Simply tap and hold on the screen to start drawing or writing, and adjust the size and opacity as needed. If you want to add text, tap on the “+” button and select the Text option. Type your desired text and customize it with different colors and fonts. Finally, tap Done to save your edits. Now you can unleash your creativity and make your photos truly unique!

Advanced Techniques

When scribbling on a photo using your iPhone, it’s important to explore advanced techniques. By utilizing advanced tools, such as blending modes, you can enhance your photo editing skills. Blending modes allow you to experiment with various effects and create unique visuals that stand out. With a little practice, you can master these techniques and take your photo editing to the next level.

How to Scribble on a Photo on Iphone


Sharing And Saving Your Scribbled Photo

When sharing a scribbled photo on your iPhone, you have several options available. You can easily share it on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, or send it through messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Additionally, you can save your scribbled photo and choose the quality you want to save it in. By simply tapping on the “Save Image” option, you can choose between saving it in High Quality or as a Lower Quality image. This allows you to preserve your scribbles in the best possible resolution. Moreover, sharing your creation with friends and family has never been easier with the various options provided on your iPhone.


Scribbling on a photo on your iPhone is a simple yet powerful way to add a personal touch to your images. The built-in editing tools allow you to unleash your creativity and make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Whether you want to highlight specific details or add captions, these techniques can elevate your photography game. So go ahead and give it a try, and let your imagination run wild!